Tile Cutting

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Tile cutting

We can cut tiles to the size you require starting with our standard sized tiles (up to 6 inches square).

If the tiles are laid so that the cut edges are facing away or down from a normal view point, this is the simplest way to make a bespoke sized tile.

We cut tiles on the saw and then smooth off any small chips in the glaze by hand using a fine diamond abrasive pad giving slightly chamfered edges.

This is the normal method used in producing our hearths and fireplaces.

Price is 50p per cut.

Tile re-firing

We can also re-fire tiles, cycling them through the kiln to remelt the glaze.

By melting the glaze over the sharp edge of a cut tile a slight radius is produced that is closer in appearance to the moulded edges of the rest of a tile. This means the cut tiles can be used in amongst full tiles without the difference in edges being too apparent.

Re-firing can also be used to remove scratches from certain glazes and return old tiles to an almost pristine condition.

Please note that not all glazes respond well to our kiln temperatures - it is always best to run a test on a broken piece of tile first.

Because of the tile losses that can be incurred by this process the cost of cutting and re-firing a tile is £1 per tile for re-firing plus 50p per cut for any cutting required.