6 x 2 inch glazed tile PLN

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6 inch by 2 inch tiles were in common use for hearths before the end of the Victorian period, around 1900.

The top of the tiles tended to be laid flush with the floor and a fender was positioned to cover the join and prevent embers rolling on to the wooden floor.

The hearth tiles were almost always laid in a plain, cross bonded pattern but, like brickwork, many other layouts are achievable.

This tile became increasingly popular through the Edwardian era both in hearths and in the arched fireplace inserts that had mostly replaced cast iron fireplaces by the start of the First World War in 1914.

The tiled arch fireplace insert made of 6 x 2 inch tiles was probably the best seller in UK homes during the inter-war years.

This size of tile in fireplace inserts continued to be in demand up to around 1940, especially with Arts and Crafts style fireplaces and homes.

Size 6 inches x 2 inches (152 mm x 51 mm) +/- 2mm

per tile
6 x 2 inch glazed tile PLN