6 x 2 inch tapered opening tile

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This tapered fireplace opening tile is used to form a 16 inch wide arch above a fireplace opening.

It is almost always used in conjunction with the 6 x 2 inch straight opening block, which would form the vertical sides of the fireplace opening.

The tiles are approximately 12mm thick, and it takes 19 of them to form a complete, semi-circular arch.

These tiles came into mass production around 1900, and fireplaces incorporating them had by about 1914 almost completely displaced the cast iron fireplace inserts that had been so popular for the previous fifty years.

Fireplace inserts using these tiles became the most popular of the Edwardian period.

These are a pressed tile exclusivley made for Twentieth Century Fires Ltd.

We hold the stock as the unglazed "Bisque" tile, and glaze them to order.

As glazing is not an exact science, please allow 4 - 6 weeks for delivery of this item.

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6 x 2 inch tapered opening tile6 x 2 inch tapered opening tile side