6 x 2 hand glazed tile PLN

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The 6 x 2 inch hand glazed tiles differ from the factory produced glazed tiles in that they have varying shading both between individual tiles as well as across a particular tile .

We produce these in small batches at our works in Stockport.

In comparison to a mass produced tile, the shade variation gives hearths and fireplaces made with them much greater depth and character.

These fireplace tiles authentically reproduce the look of the most popular fireplaces of the Edwardian and inter war years. They follow in the Arts and Crafts tradition of hand production.

Note: The hand dipped tiles are not guaranteed against crazing. Whilst most tiles do not normally craze the thickness of glaze necessary to reproduce the very shiny Victorian colours may often cause this to occur. It does not affect serviceability and actually achieves a truer degree of reproduction effect.

Size 6 inches x 2 inches (152 mm x 51 mm) +/- 2mm

6 x 2 hand glazed tile PLN