4.25 inch x 2.125 inch glazed tile PLN

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The 4 ¼ inch x 2 ⅛ inch tile size was in common use from the late 19th century up until the beginning of World War 1.

Many of these tiles were manufactured in Europe and imported into the UK for use in fireplaces.

Its fair to say that the majority of Edwardian tiled hearths were made from tiles this size.

A lot of the glaze colours have changed very little since Edwardian times.

The most popular colours of the age were Burgundy, Green and Brown.

We can reproduce these tiles by cutting them from our standard range of 6" square tiles and re-firing them through the kiln to melt the glaze around the edges.

We can also hand glaze this size of tile to produce shade variations typical of the original processing - add 65p per tile.

(4.25 inch x 2.125 inch) (108 mm x 54 mm) +/- 2mm

per tile
4.25 inch x 2.125 inch glazed tile PLN