Fireplace Hearths made from Quarry Tiles

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Our quarry tiles are, in fact, a pure porcelain tile that have proved very popular for making hearths. This is because of their durability, appearance and texture. The matt finish of the tiles especially suits cast iron products.

You can find a price for any size of standard design quarry tile hearth using our Hearth Price Calculator.

Our standard quarry tiled hearths in black 146 mm square tiles have a usual thickness of 50 mm (2 inches), which is the building regulations minimum for most fireplace applications.

We will always make hearths at this thickness unless asked to do otherwise. If the hearths are made thinner than 2 inches they will begin to have insufficient strength to support a prefabricated product.

We will also always grout our black hearths in a dark grey grout unless otherwise directed.

Simple black quarry tiled hearths

Our simple black quarry tile hearths have been used for many years mainly by customers who are installing stoves or cast iron fireplaces. The colour and texture of the tiles is perfectly suited for these purposes. These hearths also show off many contemporary fireplaces very well. and are the best choice as regards durability for any solid fuel fire or stove.

The hearths look best if the front section is kept to a number of whole tiles. If the hearth needs to be of a certain size that means the tiles have to be cut we will always use tiles that are greater than half the width of a full tile for the outer edges.

Hearths to suit cast iron fireplaces will often have a tongue attached to the back as these fires often "angle back" behind where the wall-line would be.

If you want a hearth made to a specific size, which over 90% of the hearths we make are, this will normally only take a couple of days to produce.

For stoves fitting into an existing fire opening, the back hearth section will need to be made exactly, and we can work to tolerances of plus or minus 2mm.

Diamond pattern quarry tile hearths

One of our most popular hearth designs is this diamond pattern tiled hearth with a border.

We offer this in three standard colours, Black, Off-White , and Terracotta . but other colours of this unglazed porcelain tile are available on request.

If the hearth has to be made to a specific size, we would normally get to this by varying the width and depth of the borders. because we feel that the hearths look better if finished on a whole or half diamond for the front section. This means in practice that the width of the border can vary between about 2.5 inches and 5 inches. The border at the front may not be the same as at the sides but don't worry, we make hundreds of these hearths, and are keen to make every one look as good as possible within any particular size requirements.

As with all our hearths, the tiles are butted up to each other in production, to try and minimise the width of any grout lines. We do not usually put borders on the part of the hearth that would sit inside a fire opening, or on the back edge of a hearth, but can do so if asked.

Larger hearths for stoves will take a week or more to make.

All the coloured tiles are porcelain, and very hard wearing. They are ideally suited for use with stoves or open coal and log fires.

These hearths will normally be grouted dark grey unless we are asked to do otherwise.

Standard matt black quarry tile hearthQuarry tile hearth for a stoveSmall hearth for cast iron bedroom fireplaceTerracotta and black diamond pattern hearth for a stoveBlack and white diamond pattern hearthAll black diamond pattern hearthCross bonded pattern hearthCross bonded pattern hearth