We sell Fireplace Tiles

We sell fireplace tiles, heat resistant tiles used to make fireplaces and hearths in plain, mottled and hand dipped glazes as well as hard wearing Quarry tiles

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We also sell a wide range of decorative tube-lined and transfer printed five tile panels or tilesets which are used either side of a cast iron fireplace.

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We also sell fireplace tiles not in specialised shapes that are used to make fenders or raised edges around a fireplace or fireplace hearth.

Limestone Hearths

A sample of Portugese limestone

Limestone hearths are popular because of the modern, light look that they can give to a fireplace or stove.

The limestone that we generally use for our limestone hearths is Portuguese limestone which is a buff colour that is lightly flecked.

We can make limestone hearths to almost any size and shape. They can also have different edge profiles if you wish.

The usual structure of a limestone hearth would be a boxed and lipped construction made from 20mm thick sections. We can also make the hearth 'boxed flush'.

Whilst these hearths are fine for use with gas and electric fires, we would not generally recommend them for solid fuel use. The limestone is porous and so can accumulate ash stains. Materials such as the Dolomite Verde may also discolour with excessive heat.

If the hearth is for solid fuel use we strongly recommend the incorporation of a harder wearing section near the fire, for example a metal heat plate or a slate pad .

Dolomite Verde a green grey limestone

Sample of Dolomite Verde