Stove Hearths

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We make tiled hearths to suit all stoves.

These stove hearths are usually a made in a " T " shape, with a section that sits in the fireplace recess (the back hearth) and a wider part that projects into the room itself, often called the front hearth.

We can supply separate back hearths for use with stoves. The two hearths can be split if the front hearth can be made to a whole tile

According to Building Regulations a stove hearth must be 150mm wider either side of an alcove or a minimum of 850 mm² if against a flat wall

In general we make tiled stove hearths with a fairly exact back hearth. We can work to tolerances of +/- 3mm but we usually make the front hearth width an exact number of tiles for aesthetic reasons.

Hearths made from tiles are ideal for sitting stoves on. They are robust, hard-wearing and will not be affected adversely by the heat that stoves produce.

Quarry tiles are extremely hard wearing. Not much will scratch them.

Among the Glazed tiles, Basalt Black, Ivory and all the mottled glazes have moderately high resistance to abrasion, but the lead-based colours such Blue, Green etc. will tend to wear with time and use.

Glazed tiles are impervious to all spillages. The porosity of quarry tiles is so low that they are very serviceable and easy to clean. We use WD40, a light oil for cleaning quarry tiles and find it works very well.

Generally all our tiled hearths for stoves come in one piece, ready-grouted and made from a lightweight concrete that uses pearlite as an aggregate. This keeps the weight of the hearth as low as possible and acts as a heat insulator.